No Tryouts Today

Sorry guys, the fields are closed. Check the website, we may try to work out something different if this wet weather keeps up.

Spring Tryouts

Tryouts for the Spring team will be held Monday (2/22/10) and Wednesday (2/24/10) at the normal practice times.

Yes, there will be a spring season!

I want to inform everyone that there will be a team this spring. We will have Tyler McCaw as our new president. Tryouts will be coming up in the next week or so, the official dates will be released very soon!

Fall Season

Thanks to all of you for a decent fall season. We have no more games scheduled for this semester, and there will be no more practice. If some of you would like to get together and play just let me know and I can give you the contact information for the team. Thanks!

Practice 10/26

There will be no practice tonight.

Regionals Info.

I have posted below the roster and hotel information. I have attached the absence form for you to print out if you would like. I believe when the person sent the absence form some names were cut off so if yours is one of those and you want to have the form then let me know asap.

Regionals Updates

I have a number of things for you guys about regionals. I have attached the schedule to this posting for the tournament. (Notice: WE ARE PLAYING AT 9:30PM ON FRIDAY, not 7:30pm like I said at practice, my bad!) This means that everyone will need to leave campus by no later than 1:00pm.

I have also attached the tournament information sheet, and here is the tournament's website (make sure you click the 'Read More' link below):

UNC Round Robin Info

Below the roster is posted for the games this weekend. Emal me if you cannot come. We still need dues from people so bring that this weekend. If you can drive please let me know because we need a couple of cars. Plan on meeting at the upper IM parking lot around 7:15 pm.

Adam C.

Lots of Updates

We had a great run at the Clemson tournament this weekend. We went 2-1 in group play, beat Clemson in the quarterfinals (who was the #2 seed and we were the #7). We ended up losing to Carolina in the semis but overall we still had a good showing. If you want to see who we played and the scores, the results are up on the schedule page.

We will NOT have practice this Monday 10/12/09.

Clemson Updates!

I got the schedule from Clemson today, it is attached to this posting. Directions to the fields are also attached. ***Our game against VT will be at 8:00pm on Friday, NOT at 8:00am on Saturday***We will be figuring out rides before Friday so that each car can leave whenever they want. I'll be calling you in a day or so to let you know who is in each car. If you have any questions about anything feel free to call me (704)301-8282

Here is a link for the hotel info:

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