Dues and Clemson

If you are on the first team, bring $75 dollars for dues to practice tomorrow; if you are on reserves bring $30. Clemson is in a week and a half and we currently do not have a hotel as the club does not have the money to book one. The point is, the sooner you bring dues the sooner we get a hotel; thus, the better hotel we will get. Furthermore, if you do not bring dues you will not be coming to Clemson, no exceptions.

ECU Roster

First things first: all people on this list need to bring black socks and shorts and if possible a black shirt since we are currently short on jerseys. If you have a car with you on campus at all please bring it to the upper miller fields so we can figure out the driving situation.

Friday roster (need to be at upper miller field parking lot no later than 5:30)
Kelley..........Adam N.......Aubrey.......Adam C.
Tyler M.......Corey M.......Jeramie......Tyler S.
....................Chaz...........Shaun........Michael S.

ECU This Weekend!

This is a list of the games for this weekend, if you have not already sent me an email with your availability, please do so as soon as possible. THAT MEANS EVERYBODY.

Friday, Sept 24 @ 8pm ; ECU vs NCSU on Field #1
Friday, Sept 24 @ 8pm ; USC vs Campbell on Field #7
Saturday, Sept 25 @ 11am ; ECU vs Campbell on Field #1
Saturday, Sept 25 @ 11am ; USC vs NCSU on Field #7
Saturday, Sept 25 @ 3pm ; Campbell vs GA Southern on Field #7
Saturday, Sept 25 @ 3pm ; ECU vs USC on Field #1
Saturday, Sept 25 @ 7pm ; NCSU vs GA Southern on Field #1


**NOTE: Read the entire message, click "

Saturday Roster!

The following guys will be traveling to ECU tomorrow for the games against ODU and Duke. We will be meeting at 9:20am at the upper miller fields. If you have a car drive it to the fields because we need people to drive. Bring a black shirt with you in case we can't locate the rest of the black jerseys.

Julian Swart
Corey Hutcheon
Jan Weirum
Gio Salazar
Dustin Hatcher
Justin Barret
Derek Cunningham
Adam Nathan
Jeramie Ryan
Patrick Dipper
Aubrey Smoot
Gerardo Santos
Andy Chenlo
Sung Jin Song
Corey Misenheimer
Kazu Namba
Tyler McCaw
Thomas Bartlett

Friday Roster! (saturday to follow)

The following people will be traveling to ECU tomorrow to play ECU at 4:00 PM. Every single person on this list needs to be at the Upper Miller Fields BEFORE 2:00 so the cars can be ready to leave at 2:00. Every person needs to bring BLACK socks and shorts, pattern/brand does not matter, along with cleats, shin guards, and water.

We also need one more person capable of driving at least 4 people there. If you are able, please send me a text/call/email at 919-624-3282 or acsmoot@ncsu.edu as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sung Jin Song
Aubrey Smoot
Jeramie Ryan
Patrick Dipper

Weekend Roster Update

We are still in the process of gathering player availability for this weekend, but the roster for both Friday and Saturday will be posted late tonight between 1 and 2 AM. If you told me you could play tomorrow, check the website frequently for updates, you will most likely be traveling at 2 PM with us.

Don't forget to bring black socks and shorts!!!

Check Your Email

An important email has gone out requesting that every single person respond with their availability for this weekend. Please respond to this email by 1:00 AM TONIGHT or you will not be taken to any games this weekend.

Fall 2010 Roster!

Congratulations to those of you who made the team. All in all, we wound up taking 35 people, and we expect this team to be among the best that State has ever had. For those of you who did not make the team, we encourage you to continue trying, training, and playing. We hope to see you at future tryouts and around the soccer fields whenever possible.

ECU this weekend!

Games for this weekend are as follows;

Friday, Sept. 10 at 4pm - ECU vs NCSU

Saturday, Sept. 11 at 12pm - ECU vs Duke

Saturday, Sept. 11 at 12pm - NCSU vs ODU

Saturday, Sept. 11 at 4pm - ECU vs ODU

Saturday, Sept. 11 at 4pm - NCSU vs Duke

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