Tryouts - First Round

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Thanks to everyone that came out last Friday. There will be no cuts from that session; however, it did allow us to get a good first look at many of the new people coming out. Monday we will hold tryouts at the normal time (5:30) on the Upper Miller fields.

Unfortunately, the club does not have much money and it takes quite a bit to run it for a season (I just did the budget last week). So, there will be a $2 tryout fee per player such that the club can get some of the money needed to go to Clemson which is in a few weeks. For everyone that makes the team, you will simply have to pay $2 less for dues (so those individuals basically get it back). Two more things: everyone needs to sign in on the attendance sheet we will have on Monday (not all your information if you already gave it to us, just sign) as we are required to provide NCSU with a record of attendances and please do not forget to bring your number.

I hope to have a squad picked by the end of the week so that we can go ahead and start playing games so do all you can to be at both tryouts this week.

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