Regionals Updates

I have a number of things for you guys about regionals. I have attached the schedule to this posting for the tournament. (Notice: WE ARE PLAYING AT 9:30PM ON FRIDAY, not 7:30pm like I said at practice, my bad!) This means that everyone will need to leave campus by no later than 1:00pm.

I have also attached the tournament information sheet, and here is the tournament's website (make sure you click the 'Read More' link below):

If you have class that you will be missing, I have a memo from the club sports director that verifies you are participating in the tournament. It is technically not an offical 'excuse' but some teachers will count it as one. I will have some to hand out on Wednesday at practice.

Make sure that you email me if you cannot come this weekend!!!! Lastly, I still need dues from people.

men's_schedule09.doc42.5 KB
TourneyInfo.pdf73.21 KB

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