Fall 2017 Roster

Thank you to everyone who came out to tryouts over the past week. We were very happy with the level of competition and encourage those who did not make the team to tryout again in the Spring. Here is the final roster for the Fall:
Aaron Oder
Abdul Elmorsi
Alyddin Darar
Andrew Malinich
Artem Minin
Aydan Alligood
Brendon Ngo
Cyrus Rad
Daniel Rice
Faelan Hoese
Drew Walczyk
James Mauney
Jeremy Twidt
Jesse Ball
Joey DiSerafino
Logan Griffin
Mark Harris
Mason Peeler
Michael Andreason
Michael Spear
Nikolas Grundseth
Patrick Bailey
Richard Wright
Sean Gagne
Seth Harris
Skylar Dove
Steven Sizemore
Taylor Bass
Tyler Conrad
Zach Wright
Will Glas
Justin McPherson

Christian Hall
Ian Dowding
Caleb Williams
David Tornell
Dante Genua

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