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An important email has gone out requesting that every single person respond with their availability for this weekend. Please respond to this email by 1:00 AM TONIGHT or you will not be taken to any games this weekend.

Fall 2010 Roster!

Congratulations to those of you who made the team. All in all, we wound up taking 35 people, and we expect this team to be among the best that State has ever had. For those of you who did not make the team, we encourage you to continue trying, training, and playing. We hope to see you at future tryouts and around the soccer fields whenever possible.

ECU this weekend!

Games for this weekend are as follows;

Friday, Sept. 10 at 4pm - ECU vs NCSU

Saturday, Sept. 11 at 12pm - ECU vs Duke

Saturday, Sept. 11 at 12pm - NCSU vs ODU

Saturday, Sept. 11 at 4pm - ECU vs ODU

Saturday, Sept. 11 at 4pm - NCSU vs Duke

Second Round

Again, thank you to everyone who came out yesterday. We had to make some tough decisions on cuts but the following is what the officers have agreed upon. If your number is listed please come back next Wednesday (due to labor day we will not be holding tryouts on Monday but we will be having open pickup on the fields) at 7:00.

For those of you who made this cut, know that the pool of players is getting better. Having played on the team in previous semesters does not guarantee you spot so everyone come out to compete.


First Cuts!

The following numbers are people who have made the team. If your number is not found, thank you for coming out yesterday, and we hope to see you in the future. This was the most talented tryout group we have ever had and we had a lot of difficulty getting the numbers down to a manageable amount. We encourage you to continue to tryout in subsequent semesters as there are numerous players currently on the team who were cut from tryouts at least once. There are also many other soccer options available to you in the forms of Intramural Leagues and daily pick-up.

Pickup Today, Sunday 8/29

Impromptu pickup today at 4:00! Last chance to kick off the rust before tryouts tomorrow.


Who's ready for tryouts? Dont Forget to come out to the fields on Monday, August 30th at 5:30 if you want to join the club soccer team. Due to the increased number of players trying out this season we will have to rent out additional field space, so we are requiring that each person trying out bring a $5 nominal tryout fee to help us cover the cost. Make sure you are out there early to warmup, once 5:30 hits, games are starting.

Preseason and Tryouts

We will be on the IM fields (upper or lower) everyday this week at 5 or 5:30. If you are interested in playing on the team this semester I encourage you to come out and play with us. Tryouts will start next Monday at the regular practice time (5:30) and will continue for as many days as needed during our normally scheduled practice time. Please continue to check this website, we will begin to update it regularly. Please avoid using the personal emails of the officers unless needed, the site should have all the info you need. Thanks for your interest, we hope to see you out there.


We ARE playing tonight! I know a bunch of you dudes who are coming, but just wanted to make sure everyone else knew we were still playing. We're going to play to goal from the get go, so come out and take a break from school stuff! See you all out there

Practice 4/21/10

We will practice today weather permitting.

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