Our upcoming fall season is on its way and for incoming freshman and transfers the best way to meet the team and get information is to come to REC FEST on August 14. We will have a table set up starting around 5:30 with information about try-outs, our season etc. Officers, as well as players, will be around to answers any questions and meet possible players. We will be located in the parking lot beside the lower intramural fields, adjacent to the gym.

Season Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone for a great season. We finished the Spring season undefeated competing against some of the top teams in the country. Our return to the top 10 in the region was posted earlier this week.

As for this summer. pick-up is always going on and i'll be posting any dates that i can get a number of people out to play.

For the fall we'll be posting tryout dates soon. We recently secured a new field to host more games next year.

We also have joined the southeast conference and will be playing regularly to compete for regionals and ultimately nationals.


thanks to everyone who came out today to run we'll have practice this wk at normal times.

As for updates... we just ordered new red jerseys to match our white ones as well as a black and white shirt for every team member and coach.

We won't be playing for another three wks but once we come back from spring break we will be playing every wknd for a month so be prepared.

Andy - please bring your jersey you ran into today to practice on monday


Final Roster has been put up. As you guys see there is no reserves. For previous seasons we've always taken reserves to tournaments so there is not reason to have certain players pay less that are getting more playing time than others. This season dues will be 75.00$ (70.00 with your tryout fee deducted) and is due at the Feb 28th practice unless you speak with me about financial issues in which we can give you an extension otherwise we'll bring someone from final cuts back to the team and replace you...............

Final Roster

Julian Swart
Dustin Hatcher
Adam Nathan
Richard Evers
Stephen Wynne
Corey Mishenheimer
Daniel Flint
Chaz Montero
Jordan Rowe
Chris Jordan
Danie Habie
Patrick Dipper
Shaun Leemhuis
Matt Whitehead
Sung-Jin Song
Adam Cunningham
Gerrardo Santos
Richard Malloy
Andy Chenlo
Justin Beiber
Garrett Jackson
Garrett Condon
Graham Ford
Kenny Jackson
Adam Justice
Aliouni Diop
Tom Bartlett
Matt Schaefer
Kazu Namba
Steven Becker
Steven Corley

Last Day of Tryouts

Tonight at 7

Tryouts Today

Fields are open so see you guys at 5:30

First Cuts -

Thanks for coming out but we had to make our first cut. If you're number is posted below we would like you to come back Monday to continue tryouts. For anyone who did get cut we play again in the fall and would love for you to come out. If they're any problems with the list let me know.

Fields Still Closed...

They still haven't opened the fields so we can't get out...we're making our first cut tonight though. We have a game this sat at 10:30 at pembroke so we're forced to start putting our roster together as our season will be in full swing the following weekend. Continue to check the website and we'll hopefully be out on Monday.

No tryouts

Sorry guys fields are stll closed so hopefully we'll be out on wed. Keep checking the website

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